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Accession No ARC2002-357
Name/Title Messenger family
Primary Prod Date 1853-1940
Brief Description William and Mary Messenger came with their adult family, William Bazire, Charles and Jane to New Zealand on board the ship Joseph Fletcher in 1853 and initially settled in Omata. William had been born in Loughton, Essex in 1801 and after joining the Royal Navy, he saw action at Algiers in 1816. He later joined the East India Company before emigrating with Mary to New Zealand. Little is known of Mary but it is presumed she lived in the Loughton area prior to her marriage. William senior died in 1890.
In 2000, Cecil Messenger, grandson of William Bazire Messenger, returned two taiaha to Maniaroa, at Mokau. The taiaha had been presented to WBM in the 1870s.
The collection consists of Mary Messenger's ship board diary June 1853 to February 1854. This volume also contains genealogical notes. Also William (senior) Messenger's diary January 1859 - January 1860 describing life on the Omata farm, prior to the outbreak of the land wars. Includes an insert "Vesper Hymn" (words and tune). A sketch book belonging to Arthur H. Messenger 1935 - 1940 containing pencil sketches and watercolours - scenes of Wellington sea and landscapes such as the Wellington Heads and Mana Island from Titahi Bay. Inserts include a pencil sketch "Mohakatino River near Mokau; two sketches of Tongaporutu River. A bible belonging to Jane Jessie Messenger 1857 and a collection of photographs recording Cecil Messenger and family returning the taiaha to Maniaroa Marae at Mokau 2000.
Classification papers/(for Archives)
Department Archives
Subject Category Settlement/Immigration
Voyage account
Subject Person Mary Isabella Messenger
Arthur Herbert Messenger
William Messenger
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Min White2013-09-12T12:21:10.667Z
Hi - I notice that 'Albert' Herbert Messenger is popping up in all your references to our Messenger family. I think you'll find he's Arthur Herbert, the artist. There hasn't been an Albert Herbert Messenger in NZ

Lucy Macfarlane, Curator Archives2013-09-16T22:36:00.858Z
Hi Min,
Thanks for that information. I have checked up on it, and you are definitely correct. I have amended all the records and the changes will show up on the browser next time it is updated.
Thanks for your help; it is great to have keen eyed members of the community checking up on us!