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Accession No ARC2003-632
Name/Title Robertshawe, Nancy Grace
Primary Prod Date 13 Nov 1992
Brief Description Oral history. The life of Nancy Robertshawe. Born in New Plymouth, Nancy's father F.E. Wilson was Mayor of New Plymouth (1920-1927). She describes her childhood, her early memories of St Marys Church, the shopkeepers frequented by the family, schooling at West End School and at Girls High School.
Gained a University Scholarship and attended Auckland University College. Married Noel Robertshawe, Vicar of Thames. Had six children. Spent 21 years at St Marks Parish, Wellington. Died aged 94 years in 1997.
Interviewer: Pamela Hart
Date: 13 November 1992
Classification oral history/(for Archives)
Department Archives
Collection Oral histories - Local history
Subject Category Anglican/Christianity/Religion
Family activities/Community life
Subject Person Nancy Grace Robertshawe
Subject Place Auckland/New Zealand
New Plymouth/Taranaki/New Zealand
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