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Accession No A77.756
Name/Title "Mrs Anne Woon: Wife of Garland Woon"
Primary Maker Unknown
Primary Prod Role Photographer
Primary Prod Date September 1858
Primary Prod Period 1850s
Brief Description Ambrotype of Mrs Anne Woon, wife of Garland William Robert Woon, holding her son James. Mrs Woon is wearing a bonnet with a shawl-like attachment to it. The bonnet is tied in a bow under her chin. James is blurred, having moved while the image was being exposed. Inscription on rear of ambrotype reads: "Anne wife of Garland W R Woon, eldest son of W J Woon, with their baby James Richard age 8 months, Wanganui Sept 1858". Ambrotype is housed in a metal enclosure, which may possibly have been removed from a leather case previously. The enclosure has an embossed edge.
Classification Photograph/Original Art/Art Object
Department Photographs/Fine Arts
Media/Materials Ambrotype/Photographic Print
Coloured Glass/Glass
Subject Category Group/Portraits
Subject Person William Woon
Garland William Woon
Subject Place Wanganui/Whanganui/North Island/New Zealand
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