Memories of Frethey's Gardens, Frankleigh Park

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Written by Irene (Rene), 'Memories of Frethey's Gardens, Frankleigh Park' describes how John and Maude Frethey moved from Kaponga to Frankleigh Park, New Plymouth and their development of a unique garden, Frethey's Gardens, which they opened to the public. Located around what is now Budleigh Street, the gardens were a popular picnic spot for over 30 years.

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1. Memories of Frethey's Gardens, Frankleigh Park. Photocopy of a handwritten memoir.

2. Transcript of Memories of Frethey's Gardens, Frankleigh Park. Transcribed by Anne Johnstone November 2000.

3. Photograph. View croquet green and tea-house in garden. Photocopy

4. Photograph. Frethey family, Kaponga. P.2.23.73 Photocopy

5. Newspaper article on the Frethey garden. Date unknown. Annotated. Photocopy.

6. Horticultural notes on trees mentioned in Memories.

7. Two handwritten copies entitled 'Memories of Frethey's Gardens, Frankleigh Park'. Both differ slightly in prose.

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Public comments

My Grand parents lived in the Tea House of Frethey's gardens . I remember the remains of the Glass houses that were next door

- KEVIN SMITH posted one year ago.

My Grandparents lived in the Fretheys Gardens Tea house. I went to school with Maureen who lived next door.

- Kevin Smith posted one year ago.

Barbara Lonsdale (83) is the granddaughter of Grandma & Granddad Frethey. She and her brother Ross Cocker used to have lunch at Frethey House every Sunday after church with their parents, Ethel & Ray Cocker. The grandparents had servants who served the food and Barbara said that she and Ross couldn't wait to leave the table to go back home mainly because they had to sit and behave and he quiet at their grandparents.

- Jennifer Thomson posted 3 years ago.

My father, (Bertram Hillard Frethey) in his teens,told me how he used to travel to New Plymouth to work in "Frethey's Gardens" in his holidays to trim the hedge of the maze. Always wanted to know where these gardens were.

- Robert (Bob) Ernest Frethey posted 5 years ago.

I grew up in the Frethey House after the gardens were sold off to form a new road (Budleigh St) and housing. It was an amazing home and I was sorry not to have known the gardens. My Dad bought the house in 1956. It was demolished in the early 80's to build really ugly town houses

- Maureen Allfrey posted 6 years ago.

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