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The New Plymouth Garrison Order book documents the period from the 9 January to the 20 October 1864. It details the troop movements in the Taranaki region of both the Imperial troops and local militia stationed in New Plymouth.

The 57th Regiment and a detachment of the 70th Regiment of the British Army were stationed at New Plymouth from 1861 to 1865. The Garrison was located in and around the town of New Plymouth, with the primary barracks at Marsland Hill. Officers and soldiers were also stationed at outposts scattered to the north and south of the town. Outposts included Mahoetahi, Poutoko, Ōmata, Ōākura, Bell Block, Kaitake, and Sentry Hill. Further outposts appear at Manutahi and Mataitawa.

Each entry in the book begins with the following day’s detail of guard placement and duty officers accompanied by the daily garrison orders. Garrison orders include court martials, divine service parades, escort and convoys to the outposts, detail of troops (both militia and Imperial), discharge and granting of leave, reported deaths, inspection boards, and indications to troop movement and attacks on ‘rebel’ Māori.

Many of the orders cover the mundane aspects of troop life, with assembled Boards of Officers inspecting quality of biscuit and salt meat rations or employment of troops as bullock drivers. They also provide insight into the monthly routines concerning sanitation, wellbeing and lifestyle of the troops.

Alongside the garrison orders are published excerpts of General Orders received from headquarters in Auckland. These orders detail specific regulations and rules that Officers were expected to implement. Letters from the Secretary of State for war, promotions from Her Royal Majesty and Horse Guard and War Office circulars are regularly published for the Officer’s information.
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New Plymouth Garrison Order book 9 January to 18 October 1864

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Excel document. Index to New Plymouth Garrison Order book 9 January to 18 October 1864. Index includes brief description of daily entries, key themes, people, link to other resources and notes.

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Full PDF copy and individual TIFF files (459) of New Plymouth Garrison Order book 9 January to 18 October 1864.

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My great great grandfather Michael Flynn fought with the 57th and returned to Ireland in 1866 with the regiment. A few years later he emigrated with his wife and family to Auckland.

- Gloria Evans posted 7 days ago.

My Great Great Grandmother' brother, Anndrew Kennedy, served in the 57th Regiment and later did not return home but settled in launceston Tasmania.

- Michael Howard posted 2 years ago.

My Great Great Grandfather, John Kilkolly, enlisted in the 57th Regiment of Foot, # 3485 took his discharge from the regiment in 1867 when it was disbanded. He settled in the Foxton area. He was from Sligo, Eire.

- Bill Kilkolly posted 4 years ago.

My great grandfather served with the 70th Regiment at New Plymouth. His name was Sergeant John Gahan Berkeley regimental number 378, he took his discharge on the 31st December 1865 and stayed in NZ. He married Harriet Autridge the daughter of Frances Autridge on 10th December 1867. The Autridges had a farm at Omata which was burnt down by rebel maori in 1860. John joined the Armed Constabulary at Patea on the 7th February 1868 No.3 Division (mounted section). He was awarded the NZ War medal.

- John Meier posted 5 years ago.

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