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Roderick (Rod) Syme (1900-1984) spent his life involved in horticulture and agriculture. He was an agriculture instructor for the Taranaki Education Board, teaching three generations of primary school children the basics of horticulture and natural history and supporting the Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Associations at individual schools. He also had a passion for mountaineering, serving on the Egmont and Tongariro National Parks Boards and the National Park Authority.
The collection consists of papers and photographs relating to Rod Syme's involvement in climbing, Mt Taranaki and education (horticulture in schools).

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  Box 1

Folder 1. Hawera Lawn Tennis Club. Photographs of the courts 1937 ; A working bee c1950 ; Handwritten notes on the establishment of the club ; Accounts 1927 - 1934 ; newspaper clippings 1935 - 1947

Folder 2. Historic Places Trust. - Hurworth. Correspondence and newspaper clippings on the restoration of Hurworth Cottage undertaken in association with the N.Z. Historic Places Trust. 1965 - 1976

Folder 3. School forestry and Arbour Days. Photographs of Makaka School Plantation 1936 ; Booklet School Forestry published by the Victoria Education Department ; Newspaper clippings on Arbour Week 1925 - 1950 ; Extracts from the Education Gazette 1 Aug. 1938 and 1 Feb. 1940 Propagation of native plants. Written by R. Syme

Folder 4. Turuturu-mokai historic notes and plans. Aerial photographs, a copy of a photograph taken c1930 of the pa with annotation by R. Syme, newspaper clippings, correspondence and the original planting map for re-planting of the reserve 1953. Plus copy of letter 1986 re planting of camellias at the reserve and a copy of a proposal of Bruce Goodall to create a camping ground at Turuturu-mokai Reserve (undated). Copy of Turuturu-mokai : historic reserve near Hawera by John Houston. 1958 and several condensed pamphlets of same.

Folder 5. Turuturu Mokai Committee 1961 - Includes correspondence on the Larcom Bequest 1968 ; Draft Management Plan 1992 ; Correspondence and newspaper clippings.

Folder 6. Turuturu Mokai Committee 1984 Draft management plan

Folder 7. Turuturu Mokai vegetation and school plantation for Centennial 1939-1947. Includes correspondence with Duncan and Davies for the supply of native trees and shrubs for the reserve.

  Box 2

Folder 8. Kaponga area 1939 - 1950. Correspondence and notes on tree planting by Kaponga and Okaiawa Schools, Taranaki Education Board, Kaponga Town Board, Kaponga Domain Board. Also includes [speech?] notes on Club work. Undated

Folder 9. South Taranaki Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs Association. Correspondence. 1922 - 1961

Folder 10. Reports for individual schools in the South Taranaki Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs Association. 1920 - 1932 Includes vegetable growing and calf rearing competitions.

Folder 11. Newspaper articles on Club work. 1921 - 1944

  Box 3

Boys' and Girls' Clubs Annual reports 1926-27 to 1960-61

Exercise books (2) results of calf rearing competitions 1924 - 1925, 1926 - 1928

Folder 12. Booklet. Short history of the origin and establishment of the "Boys & Girls' Agricultural Club Movement" in Taranaki. By George Henry Buckeridge. 1944.

Notes by Rod Syme critiquing the booklet.

Booklet. The Kiwi : official magazine of the Huinga School Club. August 1936

Folder 13. Notes, newspaper clippings and correspondence 1961 - 1978. Includes a manuscript titled History of Boys' and Girls' Club, handwritten by R. Syme and prefaced with a note 'This is a valuable record and is accurate'. Signed R. Syme 3 Oct. 1993

Folder 14. School clubs 1933 -1946

Folder 15. School agriculture and Nature Study. Teaching notes. 1933 - 1959

  Box 4

Minute book. South Taranaki Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs 1920 - 1932.

Results Book. South Taranaki Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs calf rearing competition 1921 - 1922

Petty Cash Book. South Taranaki Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs. 1940 - 1957

Photograph album. Presentation album to R. Syme from the Manager, South Taranaki Winter Show, Hawera 1932 - 33

Photographs of Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs.

Mokoia School ; Auroa School, includes climb of Mt. Egmont 1939 ; Okaiawa School 1939 ; Meremere School ; Bird Road School c1931, 1935 ; Douglas School, lamb judging, Ruth Ford's potato plot 1947 ; Toko School, 1934-35, 1942, 1947, John Lister's mangold plot ; Mangamingi School, Dulcie Nairn's potato plot ; Kapuni School, includes climb on Mt. Egmont with Auroa School 1930 ; Kaponga (?) School ; Stanley Road School.

  Box 5

Folder 1. Egmont National Park Board Minutes, Rod Syme's personal folder, 1930 - 1946.

Folder 2. Egmont National Park Board. Minutes, correspondence, 1929 - 1978. Includes notes and clippings.

Folder 3. Druce, A.P. Tree-ring dating of recent volcanic ash and lapilli, Mount Egmont. Reprinted from New Zealand Journal of Botany, Vol 4, No 1, March 1966 ; Check list of the higher plants of Mount Egmont, 1973.

4 sheets of photograph negatives.

  Box 6

Folder 5. Botanical Articles. i.Auckland Botanical Society, Quarterly Newsletter. ii.The plant life of Mount Egmont.

Folder 6. Mount Egmont Articles. Includes A brief history of Egmont National Park. Letter to R. Syme from the Dept. of Lands and Survey re the establishment of the Park Reserve. July 1954. Copies of articles "A parson's tramps' A.O. Blundell and a booklet Mount Egmont / issued by the Egmont Mountain Club c.1925

Folder 7. South Taranaki Save Manapouri Committee. Minute Book, notes & clippings ; Publication. Submission of Save Manapouri Campaign to The Commission. July 1970

Folder 8. South Taranaki Save Manapouri Committee. Manapouri - Te Anau Hydro - Electric Development Statement ; Report of the Cabinet Committee on Lake Manapouri ; Miscellaneous papers relating to the Save Manapouri Campaign nationwide.

Folder 9. Pamphlets, notes and maps relating to Mt. Egmont (acquisition 3366)

Folder 10. Skiing - History, Early days on Mount Egmont, Pictures etc.

Folder 11. Skiing -Tours, races.

Photographs. 2 black and white photographs of Dawson Falls. Rock face at Dawson Falls engraved in 1885 by Dawson at the top of falls. Photo taken about 1965 by Mr A. Hastie after white paint had shown up engraving ; Regeneration - Kapuni stream bed, E.N.P.flood c1934? Moraine or lahar in middle distance?

Photograph. Group of walkers’ c1930

Postcards. (3) View from Dawson Falls (Manganui Gorge) taken about 1910 ; Dawson falls track, Mt. Egmont. May have been taken before road development; Dawson Falls pre1910.

  Box 7

Photographs. Dawson Falls, Kapuni stream above the falls c1910 ; Three men carrying supplies up mountain 4 April 1930

Aerial photographs of Mt Egmont (some Whites Aviation, others taken by R. Syme c1968)

Egmont - photographs from the early 1900's. Scenes from Dawson Falls, Wilkies Pools c1905 (includes members of the Corrigan family of Hawera), Access Road, Kapuni River, Camphouse, Dawson Falls, Victoria Falls, Dawson Falls Hostel 1900, Lookout at Mountain House

Kapuni Lodge opening 9 Sept. 1952 ; Kapuni Lodge March 1953 ; Winter climbing party, Kapuni Lodge ; Skiing at Hooker Ski Run + negative ; Party lunching at Hooker Hut

Egmont Alpine Club 'At Homes' 1930's ; photographs of Mt Egmont ; Summit photos

Building club H.Q. at Dawsons April 1939

Party at Hooker Hut 1932 and 1937

Photographs of a radio broadcast to 2ZB from the summit and unveiling of plaque, commemorating the 1st ascent of Egmont 10 March 1940

R. Syme 100th ascent of Egmont 9 Dec.1934 ; Summit climb by E.A.C. 3 March 1935 ; Club picnic, Kaupokonui Beach 3 March 1935

Photographs of small flowering plants from Egmont

Skiing on Manganui grounds, East Egmont 22 Sept. 1929 ; R. Syme on his 100th ascent (large format)

Manganui ski slopes 1930 ; Manaia District high School climb 1929

Skiing and ski races, Mount Ruapehu. 1930's ; Life members E.A.C. 4 March 1978 ; Participants in the Crater Race, Mt. Egmont ; Gordon Mace and Rod Syme Easter 1925 at North Egmont ; Mace and Syme at Mt. Cook View of Egmont summit from Manganui ski field ; Visit of Mrs Bayly (Fanny Fantham) 6-7 Dec. 1941 ; Visit of A.J. Young, Minister of Internal Affairs to Dawson Falls 30.6.1934 ; E.A.C. Club photo after ascent 1.4.1928 ; Clipping from the Auckland Weekly News 13 Sept.1928 of Rod Syme carrying skis on Fanthams Peak Aug.1928

Assorted photos of the Dawson Falls area. 1890 - 1900's ; Family group Meuli family.

  Box 8

Centennial issues of the Hawera Star. 10 April 1930, 8 February 1957. Feature article on Mount Egmont. 30 June 1925.

Folder 12. New Zealand Ski Champs. Mt Egmont 1947 & 1952.

Folder 13. Photographs. North Island Tennis Championships at Hawera. 19-?

Photographs. Aerial views of Hawera 1932 - 1933. Opening of the Goodson Rhododendron Garden at King Edward Park. Arbour Day at Turuturu-mokai. Undated.

  Box 9

Minute book. South Taranaki Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs. 1932 – 1957

  Box 10

Minute book. Central and South Taranaki Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs. 1956 - 1964

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