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Peter Winter, journalist, published two books, Expendable: the story of the battle for Crete from the point of view of a common soldier, Moana Press, Tauranga 1989. Also Free Lodgings: the true story of a Kiwi soldier's amazing bid for freedom. Reed, Auckland, 1993 . Peter died, aged 84, on 10 Feb 2004.
The collection includes the troop ship magazine 'NZ Abroad' produced and published by Peter Winter, Joe Stratford and G C Hirsch on board the troop ship Orion. This was the forerunner of other troop ship journals. Also a collection of photos most of which were taken by Peter Winter while a Prisoner Of War in Italy and Poland.

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  Part 1

1 N.Z. Abroad, first volume - a troop ship magazine for the 18th (Auck) BN NZASC, 2nd N.Z.E.F.,typescript.

2) N.Z. Abroad, Vol 1, No 2. - troop ship magazine, as above. Typescript.

3) N.Z. Abroad, Souvenir from troop ship 18th (Auck) BN NZASC, 2nd N.Z.E.F. Printed in Cairo.

4) Extract from Petrol Company by A. L. Kidson, pp 22 & 23 War History Branch, Dept. of Internal Affairs, 1961 re NZ Abroard

5) Photocopy. 'Archive Fur Volkerkunde' published Wilhelm Braumuller, 1966. A publication regarding Maori artifacts.

6) Flyer: Issued by the County of Kent War Organisation, British Red Cross and Order of St Johns advising released prisoners of war not to over eat.

7) Flyer/poster, The German Commander of Crete addresses the soldiers of the Royal British Army, Navy, Airforce and requests them to come out of hiding and surrender.

8) Map of Germany, titled Deutsches Reich (Politisch). Litho by Druck u. Verlag von Piloty & Loehle, Munchen.


9) D .W. Jack, Isabel Winter's father.

10) A Water Goddess Isabel Hannah Jack. Later married Winter. Peter Winter senior's mother.

11) E535 Barracks, Germany POW Camp, 2ft snow.

12) E535 Miliwitz. Looking across to coalmine. Last hut being built in foreground.

13) E535 German Guard Box.

14) Camp 57 Italy. Hut 19 lined up for meagre rations.

15) Untitled.

16) Lamsdorf, Stalag 8b, Germany. A photo of the Petrol Company prisoners taken by an official German photographer.

17) Greece, 24 June 1941, Galatas, (ATL photo)

18) Cat being skinned.

19) View of prisoners of war through a barbed wire fence.

20) POW Camp in snow storm.

21) POW Camp at night.

22) Campo 57, Italian Barracks and corner of bath house.

23) Campo 57 Italy No1 compound, new arrivals being searched.

24) Campo 57 The boob and inmates exercising.

25) E535 Poland showing section of barbed wire and sentry air raid shelter.

26) POW camp.

27) Camp E535 Poland, German barracks and corner of bath house.

28. List of illustrations and captions from the book 'Free Lodgings'.

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