Richardson, Robert

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Bob Richardson talks about his working life, time in the Air force, rugby administration and his Taranaki Citizen's award.
Recorded: 16 November 1993
Interviewer: Joy Peckham

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  Part 1

Tape 1 Side 1:

Born 1915, Stratford. One of twin boys. Bob talks of his childhood. Father died young and he was raised by his grand parents. Talks of his life with them. Came to New Plymouth to live - attended Central School. Broke arm - describes medical attention. Mother married Bill Campbell. Talks of Stratford High School. Boarded with McWerta and Healey families. Talks of parents and grand parents - family background.

Tape 1 Side 2:

Working at Kaponga Dairy Co. Talks of joining a work gang - as a new peg boy - temporary staff with the Public Works Department - working in the Tangarakau area. Stayed with the PWD until outbreak of war. Talks of his work on roading, setting up single men's camp in Tangarakau etc. Met Peg Brookes and was married in 1939. Went to live in the Ahititi Tongaporutu area. Joined the air force.

Tape 2 Side 1:

Talks of farewells before heading overseas with the air force. Talks of his military service in Middle East and then England where he was assigned to Coastal Command. From there he went to Burma and then back to New Zealand in 1944 to a special welcome in the Tongaporutu Hall. Took up a job with Roebuck Construction Company.

Tape 2 Side 2:

Went to Kaikohe. Became involved with the A & P Society and took over as secretary. Wife died 1963. Talks of children. Met Jean and they were married. Returned to New Plymouth working for Jones and Sandford. Sports - Old Boys Rugby Club, golf, Lions, CT Club RSA etc Talks of the Base Hospital building.

Recorded: 16 November 1993

Interviewer: Joy Peckham

Abstraction: Joy Peckham

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Public comments

Is it possible to get a copy of this recording please? I am Bob's grand daughter.

- Cheryl Stuart (nee Holland) posted 3 years ago.

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