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A collection of newspaper, magazine articles and ephemera showing the development of Puke Ariki from the opening of the New Plymouth Library and Taranaki Museum building in 1960 through the building and opening of Puke Ariki on the 15 June 2003 and ongoing developments.

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  Box 1

Newspaper and magazine articles.

Folder 1. Early museum and library articles

Folder 2. Puke Ariki Development 1996-1997

Folder 3. Puke Ariki Development 1998

Folder 4. Puke Ariki Development 1999-2000

Folder 5. Puke Ariki Development 2001

Folder 6. Puke Ariki Development 2002

Folder 7. Puke Ariki Development February - May 2003

Folder 8. Puke Ariki Development June - December 2003

Folder 9A. Puke Ariki Development 2004

Folder 9B. Puke Ariki Development 2004

Folder 10. Puke Ariki Development 2005-2006

Folder 11A Puke Ariki Development 2007

Folder 11B Puke Ariki Development 2007

  Box 2

Folder 12. Puke Ariki Christmas cards

Folder 13. Event flyers and brochures

Folder 14. Education events and flyers

Folder 15. Events programmes

Folder 16. Examples of Puke Ariki stationery

Folder 17. Events invitations

Folder 18. Puke Ariki fundraising and concept development. 2001

Folder 19. A collection of postcards produced by Puke Ariki for sale and distribution as advertising for exhibitions. 2002 - 2004

1. Postcard. Kiwi. 2004

2. Postcard, Weta. 2004

3. Postcard. Blue duck. 2004

4. Postcard. Starfish. 2004

5. Postcard. Celebration. Man cartwheeling across beach sand at New Plymouth. 2004

6. Postcard. Inclusive. Close-up of flax spiral. 2004

7. Postcard. From the Puke Ariki Collection. 1970's wedge heeled footwear. 2004

8. Postcard. From the Puke Ariki Collection. High heeled snakeskin shoes. 2004

9. Postcard. From the Puke Ariki Collection. Red stilleto heel shoes. 2004

10. Postcard. From the Puke Ariki Collection. David Elman blue strap shoes. 2004

11. Postcard. Parihaka. Grey and red lettering on white background. Produced for the Parihaka Exhibition 13 September 2003 - 15 February 2004.

12. Postcard. Parihaka. White and red lettering on black background. Produced for the Parihaka Exhibition 13 September 2003 - 15 February 2004.

13. Postcard. Pride of place. Photograph of Mt. Taranaki by Lawrence Aberhart. 2004

14. Postcard. Puke Ariki - it's more than just a place. Created by Rhian Huggard, Graphic Design student at Taranaki Polytechnic. 2002

15. Postcard. A 1960's red dress from the Social History collection on a printed background. Created by Rhian Huggard, Graphic Design student at Taranaki Polytechnic. 2002

16. Postcard. Environment, Learning, Taonga Maori, Mt Taranaki. Created by Rhian Huggard, Graphic Design student at Taranaki Polytechnic. 2002

17. Postcard. www.pukeariki.com. Created by Rhian Huggard, Graphic Design student at Taranaki Polytechnic. 2002

Folder 20. Puke Ariki Ephemera. Includes examples of library borrower cards, staff name badges, lending book covers, staff business cards.

Folder 21. New Plymouth District Library Staff minutes 1993-2000

Folder 22. New Plymouth City Library/NZLA Conference Committee minutes. 1988-1990. Conference held in New Plymouth 1990

Folder 23

  Box 3

Pukeariki. Working Party. Progress Report. December 1996

Pukeariki Project. Brief and overview. August 1997. (photocopy)

Brochure. Pukeariki : remembeing, discovering, imagining. 1998. Published as a submission form

Pukeariki Submissions. 3 vol. May 1998 (photocopies)

Report. New Plymouth Library and Museum project. Review of Pukeariki Project. Ian Lawrence. December 1998

The power and the passion. Puke Ariki Taranaki Museum & Library. 1999. Published as a foundation document for Puke Ariki Taranaki Museum & Library, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Brochure. Puke Ariki. What? Where? Why? [2000?]

Puke Ariki Taranaki Museum & Library. Progress Review Report. January 2000

Presentation booklet. DNA design. Prepared for Puke Ariki. May 2002

Booklet. 'Puke Ariki. New Plymouth District Council'. Entry for BearingPoint Innovation Awards 2003, Local Government category. Special category - Inovation in Technology. 2003 (Entry was not successful)

Booklet. Puke Ariki : The New Plymouth District Council's entry for the Creative Places Award 2003. Includes CD-ROM.

Book. Connections : stories of Taranaki, from the Puke Ariki collection / photography, John Crawford ; writing/editing, Sarah Brown. 2004. Contains signatures of some of the participants. Collected by Anna White, Social History Curator, Puke Ariki at the launch of the book.

Folder. People's Milky Wheys : A Puke Ariki Teachers' resource unit. 2004

Booklet. Early New Plymouth. 2005

An education resource for teachers. Compiled by the Puke Ariki Education Team to support a walk through the CBD up Brougham Street to St Mary's Church and Marsland Hill.

Booklet. Puke Ariki celebrating 5 years 2003 - 2008. Puke Ariki, New Plymouth : Puke Ariki, 2008. (2 copies)

Book. Taranaki whenua : life blood legacy / edited by Susette Goldsmith ; foreword by Basil Chamberlain. Puke Ariki, New Plymouth, N.Z. : Puke Ariki, 2008. Published on the occasion of the exhibition "Taranaki whenua : life-blood-legacy" held at Puke Ariki on 28 February - 25 May 2008.

Folder. Te Takapou Whāriki o Taranaki gallery orignal exhibition text.

  Box 4

Presentation package for Discover it! Shell and Puke Ariki entry to the 2003 NBR awards for Spomsorship of the Arts. Includes CD-ROM. (a finalist in the 2003 awards).

Presentation package for the TIN (Taranaki Information Network) Project. New Zealand Post Management Excellence Awards 2003. Category: Technology application.

Folder. Magazine articles about Puke Ariki 2003-2007

Hail to the chief / Tommy Honey and Paul Goldsmith. Architecture New Zealand, Sep/Oct 2003; n.5:p.36-42,118. Discusses the architectural design and construction of the new Taranaki museum and library complex. Includes the architect’s statement.

Under the mountain / Simon Devitt. Prodesign, Aug/Sep 2003; n.66:p.12-18. Looks at the architecture and layout of the new combined museum and library in New Plymouth. Discusses the brand identity for the institution developed by DNA Design.

Surveying the Naki. New Zealand Architecture, Sept./Oct. 2003; p.46 - 60. Overview of recent projects in Taranaki.

Those who made a difference. North and South, Jan 2004; n.214:p.66-70. Celebrates the contributions in 2003 of author Michael King; the new Taranaki museum and library Puke Ariki; author Lynley Hood; ’Whale rider’ director Niki Caro; prison reformer and creator of the Good Man Project Celia Lashlie; inventor Terry Roycroft; book editor Harriet Allan; Nelson coroner Ian Smith; and middle distance runner Adrian Blincoe.

PukkaProvincial / John Landrigan. Urbis Design Annual 2004, p.122-125. Overview of the Puke Ariki Project

Computerworld Excellence Awards 2004. Commemorative supplement. 25 June 2004. Puke Ariki was winner of the Excellence in the use of IT in education : Tertiary, Community and Commercial.

Taranaki at New Plymouth. Arrival : guide to New Zealand. Issue 12. Winter 2005. Highlights the attractions of Taranaki and Puke Ariki as part of the 2005 Lions Rugby Tour of New Zealand.

Under the mountain / Adrienne Rewi and Tessa Chrisp. Air New Zealand magazine. June 2005 p. 44-54. Overview of activities to do and see in Taranaki, including Puke Ariki.

Heads-Up. Staff magazine NPDC. December 2007. Coverage of the launch of a new book about Pukekura Park

Newspaper supplement. Open Day @ Puke Ariki March 1, 2003. The Daily News, 27 February 2003.

Newspaper supplement. Taranaki Tremendous! The Daily News, 15 August 2003

Video. Puke Ariki. A promotional video about the Puke Ariki project 2001-2002. (2 copies)

CD-ROM. Puke Ariki Taranaki New Zealand. Multi-Media Systems, Wellington. 2002 (2 copies)

DVD. Puke Ariki : celebrating five years. Keith Finnerty. Cat & Mouse Productions. 2008

CD-ROM. Puke Ariki website future. Powerpoint presentation. 2006.

CD-ROM. Helath SIG study day. Powerpoint presentation on the TIN project and Puke Ariki website. 26 March 2004

DVD. 360 degrees Taranaki. Film created to show in the Puke Ariki Cinema. 29 June 2007

  Box 5

3D Creative Design 100% concept designs for the Library ; Taranaki Life ; Theatre Experience ; Taonga Maori. 2002

3D Creative Design. Foyer Display Concept. 26 Nov. 2001

Floor Plan showing shelving layout for the temporary library in the Kings Building Devon Street. Undated.

New Plymouth Library & Taranaki Museum - Development Proposal / Boon Smythe Goldsmith Cox architects. Undated.

  Folder 1

Taranaki Information Network [TIN] advertising posters. 2003-2004

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