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A collection of newspaper articles containing New Zealand related engravings from the Illustrated London News 1860 - 1863 and the Illustrated News.

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Views of the City of Auckland. Illustrated London News 19 May 1860

Illustration. War dance of the Ngaiterangi. War canoes competing for prizes. Illustrated London News 28 April 1866.

Clipping. General Pratt returns to Taranaki. Illustrated London News Undated

Clipping. Events in the Waikato. Illustrated London News 11 August 1860

Clipping. Native games, New Zealand. The Illustrated London News. Undated

Clipping. Petition des Nouveaux-Zelandiais. Le Magasin pittoresque, 1868

Illustration. New Zealand dinner ; New Zealand War Dance ; Rose, a New Zealander. The illustrated London News 23 March 1844

Illustration. Native chiefs from New Zealand. Undated

Illustration. The New Zealand chief, Tamati Waka, a friend to European settlers. The Illustrated London News 19 January 1861

Clipping. The war in New Zealand progresses slowly. The Illustrated London News 17 August 1860

Illustration. Large meeting of settlers and Maoris at a native village near Napier. The Illustrated London News 31 October 1863

Illustration. Royal marriage festivities at Christchurch, New Zealand. The Illustrated London News 3 October 1863 (2 copies)

Illustration. Iron gun-boat built at Sydney. The Illustrated London News 28 November 1863

Illustration. Views of New Zealand. The river Waikato. The Illustrated London News7 November 1863

Illustration. Panoramic view of Port Lyttelton. The Illustrated London News 17 October 1863

Illustration. The recent conflict at New Zealand. The Illustrated London News 13 December 1845

Illustration. View of Auckland, New Zealand, from the lake on the North Shore. The Illustrated London News 21 February 1863

Illustration. Sketches from the New Zealand gold fields. The Illustrated London News 14 November 1863 (2 sheets)

Illustration. The war in New Zealand. The Alexandra Redoubt. The Illustrated London News 5 December 1863

Illustration. The wreck of H M S Orpheus. The Illustrated London News 18 April 1863

Clipping. Native chiefs from New Zealand. The Illustrated London News. Undated

Illustration. Map of the country between Auckland and the river Waikato. The Illustrated London News 7 November 1863

Illustration. Group of New Zealand chiefs now on a visit to England. Illustrated Times 11 July 1863

Illustration. Manukau Harbour, Auckland. The Illustrated London News 25 April 1863

Illustration. Views in New Zealand. The grest south road near Shepherd's Bush. The Illustrated London News 7 November 1863

Photograph. On the old overland track between New Plymouth and Auckland. Auckland Weekly News. Undated

Photograph. A relic of the early days. The oldest wooden house in New Plymouth. Auckland Weekly News 1 february 1907

Photograph. A sample of what the dairying industry means to New Zealand. Auckland Weekly News. A cheque made out to the Kaupokonui Co-operative Dairy Co. 14 March 1907

Photograph. New Zealand's timber industry. Hauling logs through the bush to a sawmill in the Taranaki Province. Source unknown, undated.

Photograph. On the route of the Stratford-Ongarue railway. The Auckland Weekly News 5 September 1907

Photograph. On the track to Mount Egmont, Taranaki. J W Wilkie, photo. Auckland Weekly News 23 May 1907

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