Cox & Durrant

Date of birth / Date established
Circa 1878
Date of death / Date closed
Circa 1893
Place of birth / Place established
Place of death / Place closed
Photographers William Durrant and Edward H. Cox were in a partnership from about 1878 to 1893. Around 1878, Cox & Durrant established a branch studio in Exeter at 11 Bedford Circus. Cox and Durrant appointed John Ross Browning, a twenty-three year old photographer from Victoria, Australia, to manage the Exeter studio and they returned to Torquay to run their studio at 5 Park Crescent. In 1883, Cox and Durrant relinquished their Exeter studio to John Browning and set up a new studio in Torquay at 8 Victoria Parade. Cox and Durrant remained together at the Victoria Parade studio until around 1893.


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