Francis Hamar Arden

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Francis Hamar Arden (known as Hamar Junior) was a son of Hamar Humphrey Arden and is thought to have been born about 1841 and died in 1899.
He served with the military settlers, Volunteer Rifles and Armed Constabulary, and later farmed in Frankley Road. But in 1871 he was practising as an artist in Gill Street with his father and was invited to exhibit in the first Society of Artists exhibition held in Auckland.
Most of Francis' paintings are very different from his fathers. His romantic 'topographical' studies are in the academic tradition, with balanced perspective, firm line and softened contour. His approach is professional, which raises the question about his artistic training although he probably received some instruction in the use of watercolours from his grandfather the Rev. Francis Edward Arden Vicar of Gresham, whose work is very similar. certainly his larger paintings are aimed at the same public as John Gully's work - with which they deserve comparison. He was also fond of seascapes and sailing ships. Francis was regarded as one of New Zealand's leading artists by his contemporaries.
Wife: Fanny Eliza Arden nee. Godfrey.
Children: Henry Neville (1889), Phyllis Godfrey (1892) and Frances Jean (1895).


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