O.A. Mullon

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"In 1906 the factory(Opunake Aerated Water Factory) was released to Oscar Albert Mullon who in 1908 purchased the factory from Stewart. Mullon employed one man in the factory with the main lines being manufactured being hop beer, ginger beer, lemonade and soda water followed later by popular products like American cream soda and dandelion and burdock stout. Essences for these were imported from Duckworth, Old Trafford, Lancashire. The hotels at Opunake, Rahotu and Oeo were supplied by the Opunake factory. Mullon was also a general carrier and in later years also served on the Opunake Town Board. He sold the factory in 1917 to Chester Sorrensen. All of O.A Mullon's bottles carried the Mount Egmont trademark." Day, Kelvin & Hall, Gary (1984) A Guide to Embossed Bottles from Taranaki. Puke Ariki Call No: 748.82DAY


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