Edmund William Markham Lysons

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08 Dec 1959
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Mr Edmund William Markham Lysons, formerly a registered surveyor in New Plymouth. Died 8 December 1959 - aged 87 years. Noted for his very great services as a Churchman to the Waikato Diocese and St Mary's Parish in particular over a long period of years. Was a warden of St Mary's Church for many years and rendered special service in supervising the care and maintanence of the fabric of the buildings and churchyard and grounds. A chorister in St Mary's Church Choir for many years. A member of the Waikato Diocesan Synod and the General Synod, also a member and for some years Chairman of the Taranaki Church of England Trust Board. Author of several publications dealing with the history of St Mary's Church and the Taranaki Archdeaconry." Newpaper article dated 13 January 1960 features Ida Lysons holding the painting which has a wide oak frame around it, however, this is now missing.


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