Peter Wilson

Date of birth / Date established
27 May 1791
Date of death / Date closed
18 Dec 1863
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Born in Scotland, Wilson served as a naval surgeon in the 1812-14 Anglo American war. He acquired a practice in Spain and also served at the military and civilian hospital at Gibraltar. While in Gibraltar he met Helen Simpson, daughter of James Simpson, the American Consul in Tangiers. They married in 1839. Wilson also travelled in Morocco. Wilson and his family left Gravesend in Kent, England on the 'Slains Castle' on 13 September 1840 and arrived in Wellington on 25 January 1841. They embarked on the schooner 'Elizabeth' for Whanganui on 27 February 1841. On 2 December 1847 the Wilson family set off overland for New Plymouth, arriving at Ngamotu Beach on 10 December 1847. Wilson replaced McShane as Colonial Surgeon. Wilson died in New Plymouth on 18 December 1863.


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