Temuka Potteries

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Many New Zealand potteries began their lives as brick and tile works. Temuka Potteries was one of these and the firm began producing insulators and electrical fittings around 1918.

It was the 1930s when Temuka expanded their production into table wares such as jugs, mixing bowls, teapots and vases. A range of promotional items and company gifts were also produced over the years especially during the period that NEECO (National Electric and Engineering Company) and NZI (New Zealand Insulators) owned the pottery.

During the 1980s the factory produced three ranges of domestic stoneware – Riverstone, Mountain Mist and Cobblestone – that proved popular with the New Zealand public. These were followed in the 1990s by a series of hand-decorated stoneware many of which are still produced today.

Now called Temuka Homeware, the firm is the only surviving large commercial pottery in New Zealand.


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