William Jemison

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Circa 1842
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Jemison came to New Zealand during the 1880s from the clay working areas of Northumberland, England. Went to Milton, Otago to work for local potteries. Some time after this he came to New Plymouth. He found a good source of clay on the Smart Road property of Mr Sorrenson and tried to interest a number of business people in financing a pottery industry. To help him sell the idea, he made up a selection of useful articles such as bricks, a chimney pot and roofing tiles in 1907. In the following year he made another attempt by making a number of ornamental items. Having received the backing from one businessman - Samuel Hill, Jemison stamped the pieces "Sam Hill's Clay, Smart Road, Taranaki". They were fired at Mount Cook Kiln in Wellington. Jemison died at the age of 72 years.


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