Pat Greenfield

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08 Mar 1946
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Born in Nottingham, England on 8 March 1946. Pat is a self-taught photographer, and also draws and paints. She is particularly known for her illustrated gardening articles written for the New Zealand Gardener Magazine. She undertook a photography course by correspondence through the New York Institute of Photography, which taught her the technicalities of photographic production. In the late 1980s she also took a writing course so that she could write effectively for her gardening articles. Pat used to live in Auckland, and during this time, she carried out a similar project to her Tongaporutu Coastline project on Tiritiri Matangi Island in the Hauraki Gulf. This project also documented through photographs the nature of the area and grew to incorporate the history of the lighthouse on the island. In 1992, she moved back to Taranaki, principally to be closer to her family.


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